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Art House


Head of Art House: Anu Johanson;

Art House is one structural unit of Collegium Educationis Revaliae (CER). It is located at the corner of Pühavaimu 8/Vene 13 street and Olevimägi 8/10.

Under the roof of Art House fine arts are studied and practiced in many different ways:

  • Art classes of CER Lower and Middle School students according to the State Curricula;
  • 5- year programme of in- debth art studies at the Art School of CER (State Curriculum for hobby schools)
  • Hobby groups and workshops of arts and handicraft for everyone from toddlers to adults;
  • Short- term intensive courses of one material, technique or topic.

The teachers of Art House are professional artists of their respective fields, who also hold the diploma of either a handicraft or art teacher.

Among the traditions of Art House workshops during Old Town Days, summer art camps, annual competitions of students’ individual art projects, Christmas sales, and workshops at the annual charity bazaar in May are certainly worth mentioning. The latter unites pupils, students and parents making items for sale for the benefit of the school.

The outcome of our activities is regularly presented at exhibitions of students’ works throughout the school- year, in addition our students take often part in exhibitions outside the boundaries of our school as well.

ART SCHOOL of Art House

Head Teacher: Külliki Tõnisson;

The curriculum comprises of the basic subjects of art education (painting, drawing, compisition, sculpture, art history), laying the foundation for continuing studies of art at the level of higher education.

The curriculum of preparatory art school is targeted for the middle school students starting from the 5th grade. The program lasts 3 years, with 6 weekly hours dedicated to general arts, study of form and art history.

The curriculum of art school is targeted for the senior years of middle school and high school students starting from the 8th grade. The program lasts 5 years: 2 years of lower level with 8 weekly hours and 3 years of higher level with 10 weekly hours. The subjects are painting, drawing, study of form, composition and art history. At the end of the programme an art project has to be prepared independently and presented for grading. The higher level is the program for art majors of CER Gymnasium.

Hobby groups, workshops and courses of Art House

Head of Art House: Anu Johanson; Tel: 6996150

Open for everyone from toddlers to grown- ups.

The selection includes:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • ceramics
  • metal-work
  • textile
  • timberwork
  • cooking

In addition short term intensive courses are organised for students and teachers to introduce and master some special technique, material or topic.

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